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Medical Professional Membership Benefits: is your professional partner in maximizing and your practices effectiveness and providing you with all the necessary tools to empower your patients health and well-being.

Prevention is Key and knowledge is power. Being able to conveniently access up-to-date medical literature will allow you to deal with emergency room situations with accuracy and provide you with the peace of mind that you are providing everything you need for patient care.

Our medical education memberships:

  1. Address the current challenges of retrieving pertinent, user specific information from an ever expanding body of literature currently available to patients and healthcare professionals.
  2. Quick Accessibility in emergency rooms and private clinics.
  3.  An online repository of disease specific information presented in a user friendly easy to read format for patients.
  4. Provides succinct background information on causes, occurrence, treatment and outcome.
  5. Downloadable patient specific brochures available to assist patients with understanding, and self-monitoring of their condition (where required).
  6. Healthcare professionals can easily access printable files and review information with patients.
  • peer-reviewed disease modules
  • Instructional videos
  • Disease specific quick review charts and graphs
  • Summarized clinical trial updates
  • Webinars – Live and archived
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We acknowledge and thank all the health care professionals who are on the front lines treating and taking care of all those affected by COVID-19.

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