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Medical Professional Membership Benefits: is your professional partner in maximizing and elevating your practice’s effectiveness and providing you with all the necessary tools to empower your patients’ health and well-being.

Prevention is key and knowledge is power. Being able to conveniently access contemporary peer-reviewed medical literature will aid and enhance clinical decisions and provide you with the tools for optimizing patient care.

Our medical education memberships:

  1. Address the current challenges of retrieving pertinent, user specific information from an ever expanding body of literature currently available to patients and healthcare professionals.
  2. Quick, ‘On The Go’ accessibility wherever you are (ED, Clinic, Office).
  3.  An online repository of disease specific information presented in a user friendly easy to read format for patients.
  4. Provides succinct background information on causes, occurrence, treatment and outcome.
  5. Downloadable patient specific brochures available to assist patients with understanding, and self-monitoring of their condition (where required).
  6. Healthcare professionals can easily access printable files and review information with patients.
  • Peer-reviewed disease modules
  • Instructional videos
  • Disease specific quick review charts and graphs
  • Summarized clinical trial updates
  • Webinars – Live and archived
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Your trusted Up-To-Date Medical Information

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Driven by the leaders in the medical field, we are supporting you in serving and empowering your patients with accurate information to make the difference needed for their health and well-being.

Quality Assurance

Our team of leaders are committed to ensuring that all the information on our site is vetted for integrity, accuracy and relevance. Our first priority is your patients.

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Through this lecture series, educate members would be presented with the most recent medical updates as well as a practical approach to current treatment and management.

All lectures are framed with clearly defined goals and include discussion between the speaker and moderator in question-and-answer format that highlights changing dynamics and treatment option.  Our experts address shifting trends in disease incidence, prevalence, epidemiology and provide advances in pathobiology, treatment strategies and outcomes.  Data from various clinical trials are compared and guidelines reviewed with recommendations for disease management, including primary and secondary prevention and risk reduction. An approach to patient management is facilitated through case-based learning that provides rationale around treatment options.  Conflicting treatment recommendation and ambiguity also discussed, with suggestions and recommendations for disease management. June’s lectures are:

Advance Cardiac Life Support (2021 Covid–19 changes)

Smoking Cessation

Your patients' well-being

Provide your patients with a tool they can use for all the up-to-date information about their medical health.

Your patients' healthcare

Provide your patients with a credible resource that will empower their social, emotional and physical health.

Your practice effectiveness

You and your practice rely on the most recent medical information around COVID-19. 

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